Effects of Monkeypox on Businesses

It is not hearsay that the success of a business depends on how clean the working environment is. The importance of a clean working environment cannot be overemphasized. A clean workspace boosts the overall condition and the mood of the staff. It also attracts customers and promotes positive energy. A quote from Erin Davis says, “a happy employee is a productive employee.”


Who does not appreciate a clean and healthy working environment? I know I do! Especially with the high risk of contracting infections from poor hygiene, it is vital to have a clean working environment. However, maintaining a clean environment does not depend on the management alone. It also falls to the employees to ensure that their working space is kept clean and tidy at all times.


Hygiene requirements for businesses differ depending on the industry and the type of work done in the company. In the food industry, high safety and health measures are required. However, the basic hygiene of a workplace can be categorized into four:


  • Personal hygiene of staff

Personal hygiene involves the way employees present themselves at work. Employees’ cleanliness, habits, and appearance promote the business’s image. Handwashing is also a primary part of personal hygiene that prevents the spread of diseases.


  • Clean Kitchen

The kitchen is a shared common space; it can pose a health risk if it is not adequately cleaned and maintained. Regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment and utensils used in the kitchen should be included in the hygiene policy.


  • Work area cleanliness

Employees are expected to keep their work area neat. Arrange their tools and materials in an orderly and keep them clutter-free. Also, they should eat in the canteen and not in the work area to prevent spills and stains. Electrical wires and cables in the work area should be arranged neatly to avoid hazards and injuries from tripping.


  • Clean restroom facilities

Bathrooms and toilets in the workplace must be maintained and cleaned regularly. Also, there should be the provision of proper waste disposal.


Why is it Important to Keep a Clean and Sanitized Working Environment?


Sanitation is keeping a place clean and healthy, mainly by providing clean water and a waste disposal system.


The reasons why you should keep an adequately cleaned and sanitized working environment include:


1. Your first impression should create more opportunities.

The first encounter you have with a client should be impressive. It would help if you gave a reason to make the client come back for more business. A clean working environment attracts potential customers, and it shows professionalism.


Stepping into a clean office creates trust and confidence in the business they offer. In contrast, a dirty and unkempt office repels customers and shows a lack of professionalism.


2. The image of your brand matters.

A clean and tidy office space improves your brand image. A clean environment shows superior business quality regardless of your products and services.  Your brand image assures potential customers that you provide the best services and care about your employees and customers.


3. Healthy workforce.

A clean working environment improves the working conditions of your employees. You require a clean working space to increase your employee’s focus, enthusiasm, respect, productivity, efficiency, and mood. A healthy force is a productive workforce.


4. Curbing communicable diseases and infections.

Recently, we have had to fight a war against enemies we cannot see, that is, COVID-19 and monkeypox. Good workplace hygiene reassures employees and customers that the space is safe for them to conduct business transactions.


5. Employees go on fewer sick leaves.

Employees working in a clean environment have a reduced risk of exposure to infections and diseases. Germs and bacteria breed in dirty places. Ensuring that the workspace is clean and sanitized constantly prevents the employees from getting sick and reduces the loss of work days.


6. Clean workspaces make the business run smoothly.

Organized workspaces with clutter-free tools and materials make it easy for business operations to run smoothly.


COVID-19, Monkeypox, and Workplace Hygiene

With the emergence of deadly infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and monkeypox, business owners and employees must prioritize maintaining a clean working environment. It prevents the spread of illness and instills confidence in the staff and visitors that their health is not in danger.


It is expected to maintain a satisfactory standard of safety and cleanliness in the workspace concerning the regulatory guidelines. Both coronavirus and monkeypox can spread from person to surface, and contaminated surfaces increase the risk of spreading the virus from person to person.


Following the government and Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) guidelines, the following hygiene guidelines are expected in the workplace.


  • There should be access to soap and clean for handwashing. Also, hand sanitizers should be made available in accessible areas around the workplace.
  • There should be regular disinfection of surfaces such as door knobs, countertops, rails, and shared spaces, like the reception areas, bathrooms, and board meeting rooms.
  • There should be a regular cleaning schedule.
  • All employees should take their hygiene seriously.


How Can You Maintain Healthy Workplace Hygiene?


Let us consider the following conditions:


  • Implementation of a hygiene policy

It is vital to inform your staff about your expectations of maintaining a clean workspace. You can present a written hygiene policy to make it official. The hygiene policy ensures that your employees take workplace hygiene seriously, especially in shared common spaces such as the office kitchen. You can also have posters and flyers of the hygiene policy pasted around the office as a reminder.


  • Provision of clean bathrooms

What is a healthy workspace without clean bathrooms? It is almost as essential as the business itself. The bathrooms also should be stocked with soap, toilet paper, and hand towels.


  • Provision of clean toiletries

There should be a provision of clean towels, tissues, wipes, and waste baskets in the bathrooms and shared spaces. This helps promote personal hygiene among the staff, as they are more likely to use the toiletries when available.


  • Regular cleaning

This is the most essential. It is a simple and effective way to prevent the spread of infections and diseases, including COVID-19 and monkeypox. Aside from the once-in-a-while deep office cleaning, you must ensure the workspace is regularly cleaned daily. Regular cleaning prevents the spread of infections in the workplace.


Why Should You Employ a Professional Cleaning Service?


As a business owner, engaging in a professional cleaning service should not be considered a waste of money but rather an investment. Do you know that professional cleaning services can help you boost our brand’s image and revenue?


Let us take a look at the following highlights.


1. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment.

Cleaning agencies come prepared with the tools and equipment to clean the workspace. You do not need to buy that heavy cleaning equipment that costs a lot and takes up lots of space. Please leave it to the cleaning agency to do their job.


2. You can prevent the growth of mold and other health hazards.

If not well managed and cleaned, exposure to mold in the office can cause risky health conditions like chronic flu, skin allergies, and intense reactions in people with asthma. Professional cleaning teams have materials and solutions that can be used to prevent mold growth and remove mold spores that may be present.


You can lower the risk of pest infestations. Untidy spaces are breeding spaces for pests, bugs, and rodents. You can eliminate infestations by regular cleaning of the workspace.


3. You can use the office space for a long time.

The duration of the workspace increases with regular cleaning and maintenance. The flooring, carpets, counters, and doors can deteriorate without adequate care. A professional cleaning agency helps keep your building and workspace in the best condition.


4. Cleaning agencies have flexible schedules.

You can choose the timing and method of cleaning to avoid disrupting business hours.


5. Professional cleaning services also improve the air quality of the workspace.

A stuffy working environment is not ideal for anybody. Dust and other allergens can trigger allergic reactions. You can improve the air quality by regular cleaning, which professional cleaning agencies can do.



Maintaining a clean and sanitized working environment exhibits professionalism as a business owner. It also shows how much you care about your brand and your employees. A neat workspace promotes creativity and productivity in your employees. It would help if you prioritized ensuring that the office is clean and tidy.


The best way to maintain a clean workspace is to invest in the services of a cleaning agency. Employing a cleaning agency can be considered an investment, as it reaps the rewards more significantly than the original input. It would help if you had an efficient cleaning schedule handled by the janitorial staff or the cleaning agency.


Puroclean cleaning agency has professional teams that provide satisfying cleaning services. They ensure that the workspace is left in a better condition than before. They also use suitable materials and equipment, befitting for a quality standard of the job. The cleaning schedule can be flexible to fit your unique needs without affecting your business. You can request a routine cleaning, a one-time contract, or engage the cleaning agency regularly.

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