Emotional Impact of Cleaning Your Own Property After a Crime

A crime that occurs at your place of residence or any property you own can cause many stressors for you and anyone else involved. Without the help of professionals, it can have a negative emotional, physical, and sometimes even financial impact on your life.


Continue reading the following article that outlines the importance of having a professional restoration company take care of your home after a crime.


Destruction of Personal Artifacts


Having to experience a traumatic situation in your life is impactful enough, but then having to attempt to clean up your personal property afterwards can really increase stress. When there’s an occurrence like a break-in or robbery at your home, the chances of personal items being destroyed is fairly high. It can take a lot of manpower to repair items, depending on what that item is.


When you think about what a crime scene usually looks like after a robbery, items are tossed everywhere because the thieves are trying to grab what they can and get out quickly – assailants don’t put much thought into keeping things in order.


Furniture can be destroyed, like dresser drawers or closet doors being ripped apart, smashed in, or ripped off their hinges. Windows and locks on front doors are broken to gain access to a residence, which can even be considered dangerous for residents moving around when trying to clean up.


It’s important to have the help of a professional cleaning company to avoid any personal injuries, if not only to avoid further stress and trauma from the event itself. Get help from people who do this type of work as a career.


Stolen Property


Having sentimental items stolen, or things you just worked hard for, takes such an emotional toll on people. It can sound like it’s materialistic to place value on tangible items being stolen from your home, but it can hurt to have a flat-screen TV stolen after years of putting up with the tiny, second-hand TV you worked so hard to replace.


It takes a lot of time and work for most people to replace items from your home that were senselessly taken by thieves. It’s a massive financial hit when a person must personally go out and purchase replacements for high-valued items, which is usually what gets stolen first. It’s especially upsetting when people are not in a financial position to do this easily.


What makes matters worse is when sentimental items are taken from a home, such as family heirlooms, photographs, or a child’s favorite toy. When you lose items you cannot replace, it can extend the feelings of trauma and cause much more grief.


It’s an added stress that most people don’t need after a crime has been committed at their home. To go room to room and witness where people had rummaged through and mistreated your property, should be avoided whenever possible.


Spending Valuable Time Cleaning Your Property


There is also the element of the amount of time it could take to repair damage done to your home, especially when you try doing it yourself without professional assistance. Many people have full-time jobs, kids, or other commitments they need to attend to. Imagine your normal, everyday routine is disrupted?


It can cause an overwhelming amount of stress on a person to put a halt on their normal routines and responsibilities. Losing a day of pay, spending money on a babysitter, making other living arrangements, and more can result from destruction of your property.


This may be one of the most beneficial reasons for hiring a professional cleaning and restoration company to take care of this type of situation. It will save you time and a headache in the long run.


Losing a Feeling of Security


Not only are you now dedicating hours and hours of your day trying to revert your home to its original state, but depending on how bad it is, you might have to remove yourself from the area. When things like this happen, some people cannot handle living in the same home – especially in the case of a break-in.


People can lose the feeling of security in their home after a traumatic experience has occurred. A home is a place where people should feel calm and able to lay their head down at night, or put their children to sleep, without the fear of intruders. A situation like a crime can really throw people’s sense of security out of whack.


Not only are you now on edge in your own home, but you might feel less safe sleeping at night. The emotional impact of witnessing a broken window or kicked-down door increases these feelings ten-fold.


Incomplete or Improper Cleaning


If you try to clean up your own place of residence after a crime has occurred without proper training or materials, you might leave it in an incomplete state. It can really hurt to see your home in disarray or not in its normal state. This will give you a sense of not feeling at home any longer.


A professional cleaning company will have the right tools to remove dangerous objects, like nails, shattered glass, possible weapons, and more. If you need to paint over graffiti, reinforce doors, repair broken locks, or fix up damaged furniture, you want to do it right. The process will end up being twice as long and draining much more of your energy without the proper skills.


Other Factors to Consider


There are other ways this experience can cause a negative impact on someone’s life, for example, it can be similarly traumatic for someone who owns a property they don’t necessarily live in at the time. Imagine a property owner who is fixing up an old home, staging it for resell, or an owner with tenants, to name a few.


The above-mentioned factors that can cause feelings of stress and trauma can also impact a property owner for the same reasons. A property being remodeled requiring restoration after a crime becomes much more costly, tenants living in a rental who have lost their belongings, staging equipment that may have been stolen, or even larger events that result in the property being uninhabitable; all are additional reasons that it can be less emotional impactful when you hire an external party who are experts in the restoration and cleaning field.


Reach Out to Your Local Cleaning Company


If you ever find yourself in a situation where your property has been compromised by a crime, avoid the emotional turmoil of trying to fix it up yourself. There are many companies out there who will take care of property damage with care, expertise, and the right tools.


The impact of walking into your residential property that has been a source of security and a feeling of home and seeing it in disarray, can be emotionally taxing on anybody. The event can throw a wrench in your regular daily life, and result in a multitude of negative traumas.


If you have the resources to ask for assistance, please do! Don’t continue to live in a highly distressing situation that you cannot restore to its original state all on your own.

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