Insurance Policies and Crime Scene Cleanup

Does your homeowners insurance or other insurance policies cover crime scene cleanup services? If you are uncertain about that, this post can set you at ease as it will be discussed.


What is Homeowners Insurance?


Homeowners insurance is a number of policies put in place to cover property damage in addition to the damage to personal possessions. This can include anything from water damage, sewer issues, storms causing damage, and more. The higher tier of insurance you select will cover more damages that could occur both inside and outside your home.


When you purchase a property, it’s generally suggested that you seek out homeowners insurance. If a natural disaster or unintentional accident occurs, for example, a flood or fire, you want to be sure you won’t be without a home. It can really set you back financially as well. The cost to cover repairs, replace damaged items, and lost or stolen property can be exponential. It’s a smart choice to secure home insurance and you should seek out your best option as soon as you can.


How Does Homeowners Insurance Work?


There are many different options you can choose from. These options refer to the company you decide to go with, which is in some cases your bank, and the level of insurance you want. There is an increase in monthly fees depending on which level of coverage you desire. The higher you want to go in terms of the level of coverage, the more possible situations are covered by home insurance. The idea with the monthly fees is that you pay a specified amount to your insurance company each month. 


An example of basic home insurance would cover common property items such as electronics and furniture lost in a theft situation or other types of damage. This is for both internal and external damage to the home. It also includes any personal injuries that occur at a residence. Most of these basic plans include this level of home insurance. You can add extra coverage for additional items you have that you wish to be covered (i.e., art, heirlooms, etc.). 


The way they cover your costs to repair or replace things on your property is through deductibles. A deductible refers to the amount that you will pay out of pocket on the total of the quoted repair amount – the insurance company covers the rest. If you want more to be covered by the insurance provider, your monthly fees will likely increase. 


When are Crime Scene Clean-up Services Needed in a Home?


There are other circumstances where homeowners might require assistance from their insurance coverage. A crime scene that has occurred at a residence can take a lot of help from clean-up and restoration companies who specialize in crime scenes. 


If a death has occurred, or if there was a drug lab in a home, it’s crucial to reach out to expert cleaning companies. Many different factors are involved when there is a need to properly restore a crime scene to its original state. This could include anything from discarding hazardous materials, removing potentially dangerous items, and then cleaning and disinfecting the affected area. 


This shouldn’t be done on your own for both safety and emotional reasons. Trying to interact with sharp items, chemicals that could burn or infect, or bodily fluids yourself can cause physical harm. Also, the trauma associated with cleaning up something like a passed loved one can be detrimental and should be avoided.


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Crime Scene Cleanup Services?


To answer the question of if homeowners insurance cover crime scene cleanup services the answer is, it depends. The reason the answer isn’t completely clear is that it generally depends on the insurance provider.


A cleaning service might not be considered covered by an insurance company if it’s just a regular cleaning situation, such as the aftermath of a large party or an everyday kitchen spill. When it comes to damage to a home related to the occurrence of a crime, it might be considered differently. 


Whether or not it’s covered depends on several factors:


  • Scene of the crime
  • Number of rooms affected
  • Amount of damage
  • Materials present at the scene
  • Barriers from large items 



These factors will greatly affect the costs of cleanup services covered by your insurance provider. In addition, it depends on how the cleanup service accepts payment from customers. For example, there are some companies that will work directly with your insurance provider to cover the costs of the job. In other situations, you might need to cover the costs upfront and then submit insurance claims to your company.


When these situations occur, it’s important to consult with your insurance provider and the potential cleanup service. This will make it clear whether both companies will assist with the cost of the service. 




In summary, your homeowners’ insurance coverage will vary depending on what you select. In consultation with your insurance provider, you can figure out if the damage to your home as a result of the crime will be covered. 


The process will most likely involve sending images of the scene to your provider and explaining the damage. Once you find a cleanup service prepared to clean and restore the damage, they will provide you with a quote. This also needs to be shared with your insurance provider since this is the quote you want to be at least partially covered by them. 


When a crime occurs in your home, you can seek help with any cleanup and restoration processes. Reach out to confirm so that you won’t be stuck with a large, unexpected bill. Get your home restored to its original state with ease. 

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